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By viewing the admissions process from both the student and committee member’s perspective, not to mention editing thousands of essays, we have identified the patterns that make certain students memorable and competitive…


Our system is unique in that it provide two full reviews from different experts to provide unbiased, high-quality feedback, specific edits, and advice tailored to your individuality as an applicant…

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We were students once too, so we set out to make our service something you can actually afford!  We found it ridiculous that most other review services charge anywhere from $300 to $1,000 (for 1 basic review by 1 person) and lack the personalized approach we take when reviewing each and every personal statement…


Do You Only Review Medical School Essays?


The short answer is no.  Although we started by reviewing only medical school application essays, we have been able to cater our editing secrets to make any essay memorable.  We have helped those applying to medical residencies, dental school, nursing school, and grad/law school, create very effective and unique essays.  Just give us any information you can during the checkout process to help us optimize our reviews to fit your specific situation!

Who Will Be Reviewing My Essay(s)?


Our editors are currently medical students who have served on admissions committees and have edited and perfected countless personal statements, AMCAS activity essays, and secondary essays. By experiencing both sides of the medical school admissions process, they have cultivated a deep understanding for what exactly resonates with committee members and developed a novel approach on how admissions essays are ultimately presented. They approach every essay with focus and attention to detail, ultimately ensuring consistent, high-quality results for every aspiring doctor.

What Do You Mean By 2-For-1 Reviews?


We find it essential to have at least 2 of our extremely talented editors review each essay.  Many other review services will just have one person look over your essay(s), but we have found this leads to a biased perception, and ultimately, a minimally effective essay.  But Motivate MD takes a different approach.  Having at least 2 trained editors review your essay(s), will help eliminate bias and will ensure your essay(s) resonate(s) with the entire admissions committee.

How do I Submit My Essay(s)?


During the checkout process you will have the option to either: 1. Attach a file of  your essay(s) 2. Copy/Paste your essay into a text box.  If you somehow forgot to do this during checkout, you can always just email it to:

How Do I Know If I Submitted My Essay(s) Correctly?


After purchasing a package, you will be directed to a “Thank-You Page” that outlines the next steps in the process.  You also should have received a confirmation email for your purchase (Check your trash/spam folders, if you don’t see it after a day).  I can assure you that we have received your essay and are in the process of reviewing it 🙂

When Should I Expect My Essay Review To Be Completed?


This can vary depending on the time of the year (there is a huge influx of essays from late May through August), but you should expect at least 1 completed review within 2-5 business days.  We strive for timely delivery, however, quality and effectiveness are our main priorities.

I Ordered One of the Multi-Review Packages, How Do I Submit Additional Essays?


You can always submit your additional essays to: – This address is also where you’ll be receiving your completed reviews, so feel free to create a back-and-forth routine with our editors through submitting and receiving essays.

Now Reviewing More Than Just Personal Statements…

Personal Statement

Possibly the single most important aspect of your application.  Many pre-meds fail to effectively communicate their story in a memorable way. Let us help!

Extracurricular Essays

A lot of pre-meds overlook the importance of extracurricular essays which ends up hurting their chances of acceptance.  It’s critical to ensure that these essays resonate with admissions committee members…

Secondary Essays

Secondary essay are not only a huge opportunity to be a stand-out applicant, they are one of the most lasting and personal aspects of your application.  Schools give you these essays for a reason! Make sure they’re not overlooked…

But c’mon, are medical school application essays really THAT important?

In recent years the number of applications has skyrocketed, making acceptance into medical school more and more competitive.  To combat this, admissions committee have turned to weighing application essays heavily when evaluating applicants and select new students.  You simply can’t afford to leave them to chance!  More pre-meds are getting accepted the first time by using review services and submitting more memorable essays…”

Don’t just take our word for it…

  • Joshua
    "I was skeptical at first... all other sites offered a single grammar review for like $199...All I can say is that I am blown away by their reviews. Not only do they comment, but they help you revise... I am very happy with this gem of a service"
  • Jessenia
    "It really put my essay, and what I wanted to include, into perspective. Not just comments, but suggestions on how to fix problems areas...I recommend to everyone!"

"Finally! A professional essay editing service that students can actually afford..."

What Happens Next After You Purchase A Package?

1.  Our very talented team of admissions and essay experts will start reviewing your essay(s) ASAP 🙂

 2.  We believe in providing quality, worthwhile reviews, but also in prompt delivery.  Reviews are typically returned between 1 and 5 business days, depending on the amount of essay submissions.

 3.  If you ordered a 2nd review/unlimited reviews/On-Demand package, future submissions can be simply emailed to:

 4.  While waiting for your essay, be sure to check out our supportive and informative forum, and ask any questions you might have about the application process/med school/life, or help share you knowledge to your fellow future doctors!  Also, you will find great info about surviving and doing well in med school along with life hacks and other helpful/thought provoking content here.

We started Motivate MD because we want to help reverse the trends of physician shortages/burnout and prove once again that becoming a doctor is the greatest profession one can have.  So please join our movement and get involved in our supportive community!

Even the top medical schools in the country are starting to take notice…

“I have had admissions committee members from Harvard Medical School, Stanford Medicine, and Northwestern Feinberg comment on how well-written my AMCAS Activities were. I attribute this success to Motivate MD’s individualized attention. Motivate MD gives you a clear cut formula on how to write your activities in the best light and they go beyond what is expected to put your best foot forward. I felt like a valued friend, not a customer. I am incredibly happy with this service and I highly recommend it to every type of applicant.”

-Josh (just one of our many satisfied customers)