Top Medical Innovations – December


The series “Top Medical Innovations”, will select a company, an invention, or breakthrough research that we feel can change the landscape of medicine for the better. Hope you enjoy…

Motivate MD’s pick for the top medical innovation of the month is the company EvidenceCare.  I feel that this new free decision support tool has the potential to revolutionize the access to high-quality, clinically-relevant information in an efficient manner.  Now this is not to be exclusively used by practicing docs.  As a med student, I find myself going through the clinical scenarios to solidify the material I am currently learning.  I also feel like pre-meds can also benefit from this by following the clinical scenarios and developing valuable critical thinking skills that will help them become a great doctor.  But enough of my take, let’s hear their story…


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“The concept of EvidenceCare evolved as a result of a void experienced by founder, Dr. Brian Fengler. As an emergency room physician, Dr. Fengler is constantly faced with challenging situations. It’s simply the nature of the business.
During his residency at The University of Virginia, Fengler took extensive interest in the management of patients with pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in the lungs), even authoring a protocol that was published in the Emergency Medicine Literature.

(Dr. Fengler, Founder of EvidenceCare)

The genesis of EvidenceCare came when he was working in the ER and found himself faced with a situation that challenged his expertise…a 36-week pregnant woman with a massive pulmonary embolism. He knew how to treat the mother, but wasn’t clear on what the impact of those treatment options would be to the baby. As 86% of providers do, Fengler turned to the internet and spent precious time trying to find data to allow him to make the right decision and be able to convey treatment options to the patient.

As healthcare providers are acutely aware, he was unable to find the information he needed in a timely manner. Fortunately, he had enough knowledge and clinical experience to make a decision that he felt was best for the patient and her baby, and both went on to do well, but the experience left Fengler acutely aware of a gap in decision support for healthcare providers.

Dr. Fengler embarked on the creation of a decision support tool that would fill this gap:

  • The data, evidence, and recommendations would be gathered, evaluated, and edited by leading experts.
  • The information would be patient-focused, allowing the provider to access data specific to each patient’s condition
  • The tool would be easily accessible, a delight to use, and actually enhance provider workflow.
  • The results would be graphic in nature and easy to share with the patient and the patient’s family…to achieve the very best patient experience.
  • The information would be available to EVERY doctor, mid-level or nurse. For FREE.



EvidenceCare is the first, and only, decision support tool that addresses each of these imperatives, and is doing so with rave reviews.”

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It’s companies like EvidenceCare that get us med students excited about the future of medicine instead of the focusing on the crazy burnout rates and shortages! So check them out and sign up for the free service here. Stay tuned for next month’s medical innovation…

By Drew Porter
2nd Year Med Student, Founder of Motivate MD

  1. Just imagine the value proposition if over the next 5 years the physician community exponentially compounded the number of people receiving evidence based and patient preferred care AND exponentially reduced low value, harmful, and patient non-preferred care.

    • The benefits would be astronomical! Hopefully start-ups like this will help reverse our current negative trend which will send ripples throughout the entire medical field…


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