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Pre-Med? Try our App

Why do you need it?

Goals? Set

Know exactly what you need to do to make yourself a competitive applicant. Easily create goals and track progress using personalized, data-driven, suggestions.

Guidance? 24/7

Get high-quality information, mentoring, and updated data regarding benchmarks for MCAT, GPA, volunteering, shadowing, fees, and much more...

Studying? Focused

Gain access to our pomodoro timer that will help you get the most out of every single study session. Uniquely designed by a med student.

With our app your time as a pre-med student will be effective and focused instead of wasted.

How much time do you spend searching the internet and forums for information on med school acceptance compared to the time you spend furthering yourself as an applicant?

Imagine an app where all information that you’d need would be stored, your goals organized, your tasks planned, guidance always accessible, and much more.