You know you want in...

What are M'bassadors?

M’bassadors are Motivate MD’s brand ambassadors. They are a community committed to helping other pre-med students reach their goals and empowering them to be a part of the Motivate MD community.

What would I do?

Spread the word about Motivate MD in your community, campus, social networks, and with friends... use a discount code that gives you $$$ for getting people to purchase our services and products

*Pro-tip: check out our sharing cheat-sheet.

Rep Motivate MD (coming soon!)

Give feedback and brainstorm with Motivate MD's employees

What would I get?

The base percentage that we offer M'bassadors is 10% of the the customer's purchase order. We provide each of our M'bassadors with a discount code of 10% to give to their audiences.
For example:
- One of your referrals bought our Ultimate Acceptance Package = $999.99
- They get 10% off of that price thanks to you, making their total = $900
- You get 10% of their purchase = $90 (all for speaking your mind about our services... easiest $90 you'll ever make)

An invite to our private Motivate MD Facebook group where you can connect, network, and receive support with other M'bassadors (coming soon!)

Early access to Motivate MD content and deep product discounts.

How do I get started?

Email [email protected] to get more info, ask questions, give suggestions. Know someone who should be an M'bassador? Email us to nominate them.