Mentorship program for pre med students

A mentorship program for pre med students

The mission of MyMentor is to provide premed students with an online community of med student mentors. Why? To empower students to stay on track, give 110% support, and offer first hand advice.

The Mentors

Our diverse team is made up of medical students from all around the country.
Fun Fact: There's a chance they're currently going to the school of your dreams ...

1 On 1 Mentorship

After an introductory phone call, the head of our mentors will match you with a mentor that best suits you.

The Sessions

Each session lasts an entire hour.​ Throughout the session, your mentor will offer first hand advice and answer any questions you may have.

Premed App Access

An app that simplifies the premed process by helping you manage your time, goals, tasks, studies, and much more.

Custom Goal Setting

Whether you are working through your college courses, getting ready for the MCAT, your application deadline is approaching, etc. we are here to help you set goals and conquer them.

Video Calls

You can choose whether or not to talk with your mentor on a Zoom video or phone call.

We believe that a mentorship program for pre med students is crucial. ​Our focus is on understanding where you've been, where you're headed, and how you can best get from here to medical school.

We go beyond helping you get into the school of your choice; we want to make sure you have set yourself up for success once you get there.

Meet The Mentors

The mentors below are organized from 4th year to 1st year med students.

Hunter is a mentor a part of our mentorship program for pre med students​

Hunter C.


I am Hunter Cochran. An M4 at UAMS-College of Medicine in Little Rock, Arkansas! I love outdoor activities, reading, volunteering at the local free clinic, and going out with friends.

I graduated with Honors in research from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016 with a degree in Biology and a minor in Global Health. 
Darsh is a mentor a part of our mentorship program for pre med students​

Darsh S.


Hey everyone! My name is Darsh and I’m a 4th year osteopathic student at VCOM – Virginia. I am originally from The City of Brotherly Love (Philly) and attended Temple University for undergrad. After a 2-year gap, in which I worked as a scribe, research intern and lab associate, I am proud to be applying for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation residency. In my spare time, you will find me life-coaching on social media, reading a book, working out, or tutoring other medical students for the board exams. As someone who loves to optimize mindset, lifestyle, and goals, I would be happy to work with you on making your dreams a reality!
Heather is a mentor a part of our mentorship program for pre med students​

Heather J.


I was a chemistry major in college, and I also worked as an EMT and tutor/supplemental instruction leader among other typical premed activities.

Now, I’m a fourth year medical student who still works as a tutor/teaching assistant because teaching is one of my passions! My dream is to become a faculty member at a medical school someday.

When I’m not studying, I enjoy volunteering at free clinics, cooking mostly meatless meals, and taking my beautiful dog, Lady, on long walks and hikes. I’m looking forward to meeting you!
Michaela is a mentor a part of our mentorship program for pre med students​

Michaela B.


My name is Michaela and I’m in my last year at the University of Virginia completing a dual degree in Medicine and Business Administration (MD/MBA).

Though I was born in Buffalo, NY, my family moved around all over the US while I was growing up. I went to Duke University for undergrad where I completed a BS in Psychology and Global Health, and then moved to Boston to complete clinical research for 2 years.

In my spare time, I love to travel blog, learn new languages and teach yoga.
Ravin is a mentor a part of our mentorship program for pre med students​

Ravin P.


Hey guys! My name is Ravin Patel, I’m a current M4 at NSU-COM in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I am completing a 7-year accelerated B.S./D.O program currently. My passions outside of medicine are centered around health and fitness, I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am looking forward to helping you navigate this confusing, yet exciting world of medicine!
Himat is a mentor in the medical field with MyMentor.

Himat G.


I grew up in Canton, MI and went to the nearby University of Michigan where I studied Biopsychology Cognition Neuroscience (BCN for short). I am completing my last year of medical school at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and am in the middle of applying to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) residencies.

Outside of medicine I am as one friend put it “a dedicated gym human” and enjoy playing basketball, football, weightlifting…basically anything active I can be convinced to try. Time with friends and family is always a plus. Any questions are welcome-premed advice, medical school advice, difficulties in school, gap year tips, or even anything in life outside of school.
Alexandra is a mentor a part of our mentorship program for pre med students​

Alexandra W.


My name’s Alexandra and am a current MS3 from a Caribbean medical school (American University of Antigua College of Medicine [AUACOM]), aspiring to match in Pediatrics in MATCH 2021. Born in St. Louis, MO but raised in DE, I was an all around athlete playing variety of sports throughout middle school and high school. I received my undergraduate degree from The University of Alabama in Psychology, with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies.

During my time at Alabama I was heavily involved in developmental research involving children’s mental and physiologic growth patterns. Additionally, I found time to volunteer within the community doing activities I love, like coaching girls basketball and tutoring at an after school care program.

After graduating early in 2010, I worked in clinical research, specializing in psychiatric and medical research, in Atlanta, GA allowing me to gain patient clinical experience prior to deciding to attend AUACOM. My current hobbies include weight training, crossfit, and cooking.
Shaun is a mentor in the medical field with MyMentor.

Shaun T.


I’m a native Singaporean and have been called home to study medicine in Duke-NUS Medical School. My interests are in medical missions and public health. I’m deeply inspired by the works of Paul Farmer – he is one of the biggest reasons I decided to pursue a career in medicine.

Being part of a military family, I’ve spent most of my life shuttling between Arizona and Singapore. With a large part of my adult life spent in the desert heat waves. I received both my undergraduate and master’s degree in Physiology at the University of Arizona (Go Cats!). During my time as an undergrad, I held leadership positions in 2 academic clubs and graduated with honours and summa cum laude. I spent my graduate years in a neurophysiology lab studying sensory feedback. Getting into medical school is a major accomplishment and one that requires an organised and polished application. Let me help you get there.
Erin is a mentor in the medical field with MyMentor.

Erin O.


Hey everyone! My name is Erin O’Keefe and I am a current 2nd year medical student at the University of Miami! I am originally from Michigan, but attended undergrad at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale (can’t get away from the sunshine state!).

In my free time I love to workout, spend time with friends and family, and hit the beach when I can! I have found that working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has been crucial in medical school and is something I am very passionate about! Looking forward to getting to know you!
Eli is a mentor a part of our mentorship program for pre med students​

Eli M.


Born in the late 1980’s (I know, almost time to get a walking cane). As a child I was very active, always participating in multiple sports and engaging in the community. I kept this trend into the first year of college playing football for a year, before realizing that I needed to devote more time to my studies.

During undergrad I was also very active in multiple research projects. This passion for research led me to take a job as a clinical research coordinator in Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplant clinical trials after graduating. Working gave me an opportunity to learn about multiple new lifesaving treatments.

While working I also pursued a master’s degree in healthcare administration, which has helped me better understand how the business side of healthcare works. All the while I was working, the thought of medical school kept coming to mind. Through my experiences I realized that my passion is in patient care and I wanted to make a career out of caring for others.

Now in my second year of medical school I continue to find sanity in staying active and working out, along with traveling domestically and abroad as often as possible.
Lauren is a mentor a part of our mentorship program for pre med students​

Lauren W.


I am a second year medical student at Memorial University in St. John’s, Canada. I started medical school after completing a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in psychology. I have worked in research both in Canada and abroad, spending time working at several health sciences institutions in Switzerland.

When I am not in school, I enjoy travelling, photography, and spending time with friends, family, and my lovely dog. I am a lifelong musician and athlete, and I enjoy participating in various extracurricular activities that combine medicine and my other passions.

Currently, my professional interests are focused in global health, preventive medicine, children’s health, and care of underserved populations.
Anthony is a mentor in the medical field with MyMentor.

Anthony H.


I’m an MS2 at UT-Health San Antonio, and I’m a VERY non-traditional student.  I grew up in Memphis, TN and was the only one of four siblings to complete 10th grade.  In high school, I had NO intention of going to college until the end of tenth grade when I found out about the Military Service Academies.  Finally having a goal in mind, I got my act together and was accepted to West Point where I majored in psychology and boxed for four years. 

Within 18 months of graduating, I got married, fathered a child, and was on a plane to Afghanistan as a combat engineer platoon leader leading missions to find and detonate IEDs.  My Army career continued successfully for eight years, and I completed a master’s degree in engineering management and coursework in mental health counseling before finding my passion to pursue medicine.

I know what it is like to come from a background of low expectations and to know deep down that I can and should do more.  I have learned how to stop placing limits on myself based on my own perceptions or influences around me.  I know how scary it can seem to abandon a stable path of success to pursue a dream while others depend on you.  And over the past two years in medical school, I have earned the gratification of confirming that every risk taken and all the work put in was fully worth it; medicine is equally challenging and rewarding, and I could not be happier with my decision.

Christine is a mentor a part of our mentorship program for pre med students​

Christine X.


My name’s Christine. I’m a second-year medical student at Harvard Medical School. I’m originally from California and went to undergrad at Yale.

During college, I majored in biology but my passions were classical music, acappella, writing and journalism. I love cats, running, and baking. During my free time you’ll find me playing ukulele or watching cat videos.
Sully is a mentor a part of our mentorship program for pre med students​

Sulaiman K.


My name is Sulaiman Karim. I’ve recently been accepted to medical school (MD/MBA) and I’m currently completing my undergraduate degree in economics and minor in biochemistry. I hope to one day work in healthcare policy as a physician with a background in economics and business administration.

During my undergrad, I was very active in leadership and did everything from marketing director of the small student health center to president of the largest premedical organization on campus with over 200 members. These roles enabled me to co-create a nonprofit organization, create a collaborative interdisciplinary program for mentorship, and conduct research in clinical psychology and in my field of behavioral health economics. In addition, I took a particular interest in global health and was deeply involved in a program called Alternative Breaks. Exploring my interests and venturing outside my comfort zone truly molded me into the person I am today.

In my free time, I enjoy day/swing trading micro-cap stocks and learning more about how global markets behave. I’m also an avid portrait photographer, traveler, and I try to spend as much time as possible with friends.

Jabre is a mentor in the medical field with MyMentor.

Jabre M.


My name is Jabre Millon. I’m currently an MS1 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine. I graduated from USC in 2015. I ran track all four years of college on top of the traditional pre-med biology curriculum.

Unfortunately, life happens and as a result, it took a post-bacc and 3 application cycles for me to receive my first acceptance call! As a mentor, I look forward to providing you some guidance during your premed journey, a lot of which I lacked during my own journey.
Ashley is a mentor in the medical field with MyMentor.

Ashley R.


My name’s Ashley and am a first year medical student at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine in Scranton, PA. I have a degree in Biology from the University of California, Berkeley and worked in youth development and diabetes prevention with the Micmac Tribe in Northern Maine. In my spare time I enjoy gardening and cooking.
Anna is a mentor in the medical field with MyMentor.

Anna W.


I am a first year medical student at Indiana University.  I have taken an unconventional pathway to medical school—I hold a Master’s degree in epidemiology from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and I worked for four years as the project manager for several large observational clinical studies on pediatric diarrhea and child health in sub-Saharan Africa.  My background in public health has given me a deep awareness of the ways in which disease is a function of inequality and inattention, and I intend to continue to work on issues in international health over the course of my career.

Before applying to medical school, I completed post-baccalaureate classes in the evening, including two semesters in which I was pregnant.  I submitted my primary application for AMCAS five days after giving birth to my daughter, who was just over a year old when I entered medical school.  Being the parent—and particularly the mother—of a young child while in medical school has given me a unique perspective on time management, self-care, and measures of achievement in medical school.

You will benefit from our mentorship program for pre med students if...

You aren't close to anyone who has been through medical school...

You don't know how to start for your med school application...

You're losing confidence and can't stop comparing yourself to other premed students...

You know that you are supposed to be a doctor but have encountered roadblocks (failed a class, scored low on the MCAT, "wrong" major, etc.)...

Have very little knowledge about the admissions process...

If you answered "yes", you are in the right place.

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