Our Story

We at Motivate MD believe that the road to becoming a doctor does not have to be so stressful, uncertain, and confusing.  We have made it our mission help students along this journey and reach their ultimate goal.  Motivate MD focuses on the entire pre-med process, not just the beginning, middle, or end. This journey for students has been one of the least understood and uncertain times of their life, but it does not have to be. We’re excited to simplify the pre-med process for all students through our platform and services, all while building a supportive and educational community.

Drew Porter | Founder

Our Founding

Motivate MD was founded by Drew Porter in 2016. It started as a motivational blog and service based company with MCAT resources, essay reviews, and mock interviews. We are currently designing and developing a website application for pre-meds to solve the problem of stress, misinformation, and uncertainty.

Truthfully, it has been an amazing experience to see Motivate MD personally help thousands of pre-meds through the unparalleled services we provide, but my aspiration for this company has always been to create something much bigger.” – Drew Porter

The Problem

Pre-Med students have a hard time finding accurate, consistent, and specific information/advice on what is needed to get into med school. This information comes from every direction (friends, mentors, pre-med advisors, Reddit, etc.) It’s information-overload and leaves the students extremely overwhelmed and often confused due to all of the inconsistent advice and misinformation.


The Solution

Motivate MD is currently designing and developing a website application for pre-meds to solve this problem. This platform aims to remove the constant stress, anxiety, and uncertainty related to this entire life-changing process.  It accomplishes this by first breaking the med school application down into specific topics, creating personalized goals for each topic w/ the help of an experienced mentor, and allow the student to easily track/plan their goals through an easy to use interface.

Our Services

Essay Reviews: We can help you craft the perfect personal statement, extracurricular essay, secondary essay, or all of the above!

Medical School Mock Interviews: This is your final opportunity to make a lasting impression. Let our team help you finish what you started…