7 Best Apps for Pre-Med Students

by christine

A writer and medical student at an Ivy League school discusses learning in medicine—perseverance and engagement instead of burnout, gaining the tools for longitudinal learning and kindness to self.

I get it: between taking Organic Chemistry, juggling all your extracurriculars, and still trying to have a social life, it can get hard for premeds to keep everything together. I have some suggestions for apps to help you stay organized and well. Even better, there’s an app that recently launched that has everything a premed could possibly need (#7). These apps will help you do everything from being productive to meditating to drinking water—who knew your phone could actually be so helpful? 


1. For being powerfully productive…

Focus Keeper. Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in work, but can’t focus for long enough to get anything done because you’re thinking about how much work you have? A productivity app might help you to improve efficiency and work-life balance while preventing exhaustion. This app is based on the Pomodoro Technique, a time management strategy that involves working for 25 minutes and taking a break for 5 minutes, with occasional longer breaks. I really like using this technique myself to study—it helps to keep me focused and stay aware of how much time I’m spending, and best of all, prevents my work from affecting my relaxation time when I’m done. Now Motivate MD’s Pre-Med App has this tool, but combines it with a powerful task editing list.


2. For when you’re bored on the bus/subway/shuttle…

Anki. This flashcard app can train you to be an expert in any topic. While I haven’t gotten to trying it myself yet, many of my med school friends say that Anki is one of the best studying tools they have. You can use it to learn a language, review your Biochem notes, or study for the MCAT. Anki is an intelligent flashcard platform that will present flashcards to you based on optimized learning strategies. It might just lead you to ace that MCAT…or just have a convenient excuse to get out of an awkward conversation on the bus. 


3. For becoming a meditation expert…


Insight Timer. Meditation can be a powerful way to ground yourself and improve your mental health during periods of stress. I understand, though, that traditional meditation isn’t for everyone. Personally, meditation doesn’t always work for me, but I like using the Insight Timer when I want to be mindful or listen to a guided meditation, because I always can find something that suits my needs. Insight Timer has a timer that you can set up to your own liking, if you want to meditate by yourself. Plus, it has thousands of guided meditations and courses that you can search for, covering a wide variety of subjects such as sleep, stress, regaining energy, etc.


4. For those with a green thumb…


Forest. Do you find yourself constantly checking your phone for messages when you’re supposed to be working? The Forest app can help you stop reaching for your phone and refreshing Instagram. The main gist of the app is that you keep it open to grow a forest, and your plants will wilt if you close the app to look at something else. You can even collaboratively grow forests with your friends and compete with each other. If you live somewhere where you can’t see a lot of real green plants, at least this app will help you care for a digital forest while being productive.


5. For those with a soft spot for cuteness…


Plant Nanny. I saw so many of friends using this app in class, and I was immediately hooked because it seemed really fun and cute. I have jumped onto the bandwagon and also use the Plant Nanny app, which helps you to improve your water-drinking habits. You grow an adorable plant, and get to water the plant every time you drink water during the day. I’ve always had trouble with staying hydrated, but this app has helped so much with my habits and is simultaneously very entertaining.


6. For those who are addicted to Starbucks…


Coffitivity. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a bit of a coffee and tea addiction. I also love studying in coffee shops; I feel like there’s just enough background noise and activity that I don’t zone out and fall asleep, as is prone to happen when I’m in a room by myself. Try Coffitivity, which will provide the soothing background ambience of a coffee shop while you work. Maybe like me, you want to stay calm and focused with that pleasant ambiance, while avoiding spending yet more money on coffee.


7. Last but not least, for those who want to excel and gain an advantage as a premed… 


The Premed App by Motivate MD. Within the last month Motivate MD has launched the first ever all encompassing app specifically for premeds. The app includes everything from Focus which is a one of a kind study tool that utilizes the pomodoro technique (the technique I mentioned in the first app of this post), creating and tracking every goal that you’ll need to set as a premed student, ample amounts of objective information, and much more cool stuff. The app does have a free trial so I’d strongly recommend taking the time to check it out… you have nothing to lose!

Pre-Med? Get our app.

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