Top 8 Gifts for Future Doctors

Treat yourself and/or someone else with these gifts for premed students.

gifts for future doctors

Part 1: Introduction

In the midst of all your medical school preparations, it can be easy to forget that other preparations also require your attention this time of year: holiday ones! No matter what you celebrate or where you are in the medical school admissions journey, it’s important to take a step back during this season to relax and reflect. The holidays are a perfect time to slow down, honor where you are in this process, and maybe even reward yourself for all your efforts! 

One great way to do that? Presents! 

Our list of the top gifts for pre-meds is the perfect not-so-subtle set of hints to send to friends, family, and loved ones. Hey, you could even bookmark this list for yourself for some ‘personal,’ shopping. 

Go ahead. Add these to the cart. We won’t tell. 

From items that will get you ready to step foot in the hospital, to gifts that will keep you motivated when you’re studying at home, read on for the perfect presents for premeds and medical-students-to-be.

Part 2: Getting Ready for Rounds

While you may be a few months or years away from donning that short white coat, it’s never too early to start pre-rounding! (Just kidding!) You can start to get in the spirit of rounds though, with these great gifts that are perfect for those early morning patient visits.  


Best gifts for premed students: Memobottle

The Memobottle is a beautifully designed flat water bottle that fits a white coat pocket, sliding in among your notes, pens, and stethoscope to provide some much needed hydration on long hospital walks. Not part of the rounding life yet? That’s fine. It slips easily into a backpack or purse, nestling up close to your MCAT prep books. 

Its sleek, clear exterior means that it goes anywhere and goes with anything; certainly a level-up on your old plastic water bottle. Want to feel even fancier? Add a sleeve or a cool cap to make your bottle just as unique as you are.

Foldable Clipboard

Pre med gifts: Foldable Clipboard

There’s nothing worse than trying to write on a soft surface, whether you’re watching lectures or studying on the couch, or standing outside a patient’s room trying to scribble down everything the attending is saying. Here’s a foldable white coat clipboard that you can use now, and later, to write down whatever you need to, wherever you are. Compact, collapsible, and with some handy cheat sheets, this is one accessory that shouldn’t just be on your wishlist…it’s on your needs list. 

Speidel Scrub Watch

Best gifts for medical students: Speidel Scrub Watch

Do you get tachycardic at the thought of keeping track of time while taking your patient’s pulse? No longer; this functional scrub watch has got you covered. With a bold face, clear numbers, and an easy to follow second hand, this is a great option even for those of us who don’t remember how to read an analog clock. With many colors to choose from, the scrub watch also makes for a fashion forward accessory.

Part 3: Getting Inspired

While the practical gifts are all well and good, sometimes you still need a little bit of a push to keep moving toward your med school aspirations. These presents are for any premed who needs a little nudge in the right direction, or a little love to remember their ‘why.’

“I Can’t, I’m in Med School,” Candle

Gift ideas for med students: Candle

Med school. It’s the introvert’s favorite excuse…in fact, it’s part of the reason they went to medical school in the first place! Cancel your plans, login into your Netflix app, and light this candle, which helpfully reminds anyone who might dare to interrupt your solitude that, you’re busy, and you just can’t…you’re in med school, or you will be soon!

Capsule Letters

Graduation gifts for premed students: Capsule Letters

A thoughtful gift for a White Coat Ceremony, or for anytime, these adorable little medicine capsules hold a personalized note from you to a loved one, or from a loved one to you! Fill them with quotes, inspiring words, inside jokes, or whatever will help you or your favorite premed get inspired when the going gets tough. Also a good reminder that even med students should take their vitamins.

Part 4: For the Future Surgeon

If you’re a premed who is already thinking of the surgery big leagues, you’re probably super excited to get started. These gifts are perfect for the aspiring surgeon; a great combination of learning and fun. You’ll be impressing the OR with your knowledge and know-how in no time!

Suture Practice Kit

Gifts for future surgeons

While med students in the “olden days,” had to destroy a fridge full of fruit in order to get some suture practice (is orange or banana peel more like skin?), you can keep your bananas for snacking with this all-in-one suture kit. The training pad includes simulated skin, fat, and muscle, so you can be sure that your practice is as authentic as it can get…at least, without a willing friend to volunteer. This 27 piece set contains everything you need to start practicing, including an e-book suturing guide to get you started.

Netter’s Anatomy Cards

Pre med gifts: Netter's Flashcards

Dr. Netter, brilliant surgeon, medical illustrator, hero to all medical students, illustrated this beautiful and handy collection of flashcards, which are, again, small enough to stuff in the back pocket of your scrubs or your white coat. Take a few minutes to review for your anatomy practical, better understand the surgery in which you’re about to shadow, or just start quizzing yourself for fun. 

Part 5: Making your dreams come true

If there’s one gift you want to be sure that you put on your list for this holiday season, it’s the gift that will help make sure your dreams don’t stay dreams. Working toward a medical school education is challenging and getting into your top choice program won’t happen without a lot of hard work, planning, and dedication.

The Motivate MD Planner

The ultimate gift for people in medicine: Motivate MD Planner

Invest in yourself this holiday season with a gift that will help you set goals and stick to them. Prepare for challenges and rise above them. The Motivate MD planner is a 13 work planner that incorporates tools to help build focus, encourage reflection, and spark motivation. You can start anytime. Today, for instance. You can start today and move one step closer to accomplishing your goals, both in and out of medicine. 

Happy Holidays and remember: finish what you started.

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