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First, Understand the Results of this Calculator

These results ARE…

  • Based on real, raw acceptance rates data from the AAMC over the past several years, including everyone who has applied to a U.S. medical school.
  • Intended to give you a “rough” idea of your…
  • …competitiveness relative to other applicants.
  • Meant to help you avoid making/seeing “what are my chances” posts on destructive sites (like Student Doctor Network, Reddit, etc.), where people brag about their 527 MCAT score and 4.0 gpa.  **Seeing/creating these posts gives a completely distorted view on your actual chances and might discourage you from applying at all (not to mention give you feelings of inferiority when you’re actually in med school), so don’t do it!**
  • Ultimately meant to motivate you to focus on what you can control (i.e. volunteer/direct patient experience, personal statement, interview, etc.)

These results are NOT…

  • NOT representative of you as an individual applicant. I can’t stress enough that you are so much more than a MCAT score or GPA, and admissions committees know this too (however, it’s your job to show them this)!
  • NOT predictive of how you’ll do in medical school or what your class rank will be (or what specialty you’ll get into, etc.).
  • NOT reflective of how awesome of a doctor you’ll become!

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