Medical School Letter of Intent Tips

Medical School Letter of Intent

At this point, you have likely submitted both primary and secondary applications for either AMCAS, AACOMAS, and/or TMDSAS. Perhaps you have also received interview invites as well as have interviewed at various schools. Despite all of the labor-intensive aspects of the application being behind you, there is still work to be done! Here are a few tips in the form of “the 5 W’s” for writing a medical school letter of intent:

WHO should write a medical school letter of intent?

Medical school applicants of whom are interested in a particular program, for instance their “dream school” should consider writing a letter of intent. If a student has interviewed at multiple schools, though is particularly interested in one, a letter of intent would be an excellent addition to the student’s application to demonstrate interest in that school. 

WHAT is a letter of intent?  

A medical school letter of intent is a one-page, professional letter written to a school’s admissions committee. This particular school is one of which an applicant is willing to commit to, if accepted. In other words, by writing the letter, you are telling the school “if I am accepted, I will attend.”

The letter of intent is a SINGLE letter, written to solely one school. Writing this type of letter to multiple schools can be viewed as unethical and remember, you are only as good as your word or promise. This differs from a letter of interest in that a letter of interest can be sent to multiple schools to articulate or emphasize the applicant’s interest in the school. 

WHEN should I submit a letter of intent?

The letter should be written only if the applicant has interviewed at this particular school, approximately one month after interviewing. As an aside, remember to send a thank you message following the interview at the school to express your appreciation of the school’s consideration of you as an applicant. 

WHERE do I submit a medical school letter of intent?

Often, this letter can be submitted directly to the med school’s admissions committee point of contact (secretary, receptionist, administrative assistant, etc.) or uploaded to the applicant’s application portal, if applicable. Keep in mind that the document should be sent or uploaded as a PDF so that it is accessible to the reader regardless of their computer’s operating system.

WHY should I submit a medical school letter of intent?

This letter will serve as an additional element to demonstrate your interest in a particular school. Often, if a school knows that you are invested in them, they will similarly invest in you as a student at their institution.  

HOW to write a medical school letter of intent?


Name of School/Program


City, State / Zip 

To Whom It May Concern / Dear Dr. X, Director of Admissions, 

Paragraph 1: 

  • List your interview date and include any highlights of your time interviewing with the school. 

I was afforded the opportunity to interview at School X on September 29, 2021 and was excited to learn Dr. X was also from my hometown, Albuquerque, NM. Aside from this, I thoroughly enjoyed my discussions with current medical students about opportunities offered by the school as well as was grateful to learn more about their experiences in medical school thus far.

  • Express your gratitude of their consideration of you as an applicant 

I wanted to express my sincerest gratitude for your consideration of me as an applicant. 

  • State that if offered the opportunity to attend their institution, you would accept without hesitation. 

Due to nothing but positive and reaffirming experiences during my interview as well as my interest in neurobiology research offered by your institution, it excites me to say that if offered a seat at your school, I will certainly accept without hesitation.

Paragraph 2:

  • List the specific reasons why this school is your first choice. Avoid generalities that may be applicable to other schools. 

Through my education thus far, I have learned that a hands-on and collaborative curriculum benefits me to the utmost extent, which is also an aspect of School X that interests me and places your institution at the top of my list. 

  • You may choose to also include specific experiences which paint a picture of why you would be a great addition to their study body. 

I am certain that my experiences creating a non-profit for underserved, marginalized, and homeless communities will be an excellent foundation to build off of as a student at School X. 

Paragraph 3: 

  • Include any updates to your application since you have submitted your primary or secondary application. For instance:

Since submitting my primary application, I have been afforded the opportunity to…

Paragraph 4:

  • Include final remarks about why this school excites you and reiterate that this school is your top choice as well as include brief reasons why. 
  • Thank the school again for their consideration of you as an applicant. 

Sincerely / Very Respectfully / Thank you again, 

[include a hand-written, computer generated signature]

Your name 


Therefore, a med school letter of intent, if written meticulously, can be an excellent tool to demonstrate both your interest in a school as well as show more about who you are as an applicant. Remember, once you have drafted your letter, have a trusted mentor or advisor read through your letter for grammar, syntax, and content. As always, good luck with your applications and journey towards becoming a physician! 

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