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Secondary Essay Review



We’re here to help craft unique and memorable essays that will get that interview spot!

Secondary essays are a huge opportunity to showcase yourself as a stand-out applicant. We will help you make a personal connection with admissions committee members!

These schools ask their questions for a specific reason, so if your essays do not meet their expectations, you might miss out on a coveted interview spot.

Don’t overlook your secondary essays, instead, make a lasting impression…


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Second Opinion

Our system is unique in that it ensures that your initial essay is reviewed by two different experts. We do this to eliminate bias and provide specific edits and advice tailored to your individuality as an applicant…

Admissions Experts

By viewing the admissions process from the student perspective we have identified the patterns that make certain students memorable and competitive.  This allows us to give you high-quality, unique feedback.

Affordable Price

We were pre-meds once too, so we set out to make our services something you can actually afford! We found it ridiculous that most other review services charge anywhere from $300 to $1,000 (for 1 basic review by 1 person).