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Ultimate Acceptance Package


Don’t leave anything to chance…

This package is all-encompassing and can be used at all steps before and during the application process.¬† By purchasing this package, you’ll receive¬†reviews for:

  • UNLIMITED Personal Statement Essays
  • AMCAS Activity Essays (Up to 12 extracurricular activity essays)
  • Secondary Essays for Individual Schools (for your top 15 schools which is 45 total reviews)

Save more than $1,500 by selecting this package early! (Actual retail value exceeds $2,500)


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1 review for Ultimate Acceptance Package

  1. Joshua

    I spent a few weeks researching personal statement review sites until I came across Motivate MD. I’ll be honest. I was skeptical at first. Motivate MD’s pricing is so affordable. All other websites offered a single grammar review for like $199…my high school English teacher could do that for free. For the price that Motivate MD is offering, most websites ask for $249. I didn’t even spend $249 on Christmas gifts this year because I’m a broke premed student. Well, after going through this process, I can tell you that this is the best value and I’m going to thoroughly explain to you why Motivate MD’s personal statement service is the real deal.

    A little backstory: I am a fourth year undergraduate and I have talked to my university’s medical school Dean of Admissions and multiple admission committee members about my upcoming 2017 AMCAS application. All of them have been highly impressed by my extracurriculars and most have said that I can be competitive at any medical school as long as I represent myself correctly.

    This is where I fall short.

    I applied to an early assurance medical program a few years ago. I was rejected without an interview. I called and talked to them about my story/accomplishments and asked why I didn’t get in. They told me that they were “impressed by my compassion and accomplishments” but my personal statement just didn’t represent the “me” who was talking on the phone. They told me they just couldn’t feel the narrative even though I had accomplished so much and seemed like a genuinely good MD candidate. The Dean even offered me a priority review for this upcoming regular MD application cycle because they felt like I was a great candidate. The problem is that I’m not able to call every school like this so I must make a highly positive and lasting impression through my personal statement.

    So after coming across Motivate MD’s service, I decided to email them to see what they were about. Drew, Motivate MD founder, personally emailed me and we had a conversation about the revision process. I immediately knew this service was personalized and legitimate. I sent them my personal statement on New Years Eve. I emailed Drew and told him that his editors didn’t need to adhere to their “1-3 day revision guarantee” because it was the holidays. Drew emails me back and tells me that Motivate MD highly values their work and will get my personalized review back to me by 3 days. This is clearly a testament to their passion for helping premedical students like us.

    All I can say is that I am blown away by their reviews. They probably typed as much as my actual personal statement to help me get to where it needs to be. My personal statement still represents me 100% but it is so much more powerful and concise. Not only do they comment, but they help you revise. I think most companies pick at your problems but do not offer any organic and personalized support. Bryan and Matthew both revised my essay to make it represent me in the best way. I am very happy with this gem of a service.

    I recommend Motivate MD’s service to anyone because of it’s high quality. It’s affordable pricing is an extremely added bonus.


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