Application Tab

The purpose of the “Application” tab is to break down crucial components of your medical school application. This includes your required courses, essays, and miscellaneous notes concerning your application process.

App Tip: Don’t forget to check off tasks as you complete them. After you complete a task, the progress bar will begin to fill correspondingly.

To access the Application tab:

Click on "Application".

Required Courses

You will have the freedom to add any "Required Course" that you would like. These will depend on what major and maybe minor you designate and potentially your institution's core requirements. The purpose of this section is to help you keep track of the classes that you still need to complete to graduate. As you complete the course and check it off, you will see your progress bar begin to fill.

You can add notes to each course. Some examples of things you might include: when you plan on taking the course, your professor's name, institution name, credit hours and grade, science vs. non-science, etc.

Be sure to click the MyMentor icon to view additional information regarding required courses for medical school.

App Tip: There’s a MyMentor icon for each section of the Application tab. Be sure to check them out for important info!

Letters of Recommendation

Stay ahead of the game by planning who you might want to write your letters of recommendation (LORs). Add as many people as you would like and begin to consider who may be able to write a strong letter of recommendation on your behalf. You also have the option to keep notes to remind you of when to ask them for a letter, what their contact info and title is, etc.

Application Essays

Personal Statement

Your personal statement essay is broken down into the steps that we recommend you take when writing. If you need to add additional steps, you have the freedom to do so as well.

AMCAS Work & Activities

Your work & activities essays are also broken down into the steps that we recommend you take when writing.

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Application Notes

Your application has a lot of aspects that you need to document accurately. Since every applicant is different, we added a section for you to add your own notes to make sure you do not miss a thing and personalize your application process.