The Calendar feature is where you can easily compile, view, and schedule your shadowing and volunteering events.

App Tip: For any questions or advice regarding shadowing or volunteering, message “MyMentor”.

To access your calendar:

Web App: Click the Calendar icon on the side menu. 

Mobile App: Click the Calendar icon on the bottom menu.

App Tip: Click here to go straight to your Premed App Calendar.

Creating new events

To create a shadowing or volunteering event in the calendar, click the blue plus icon at the bottom right hand corner of the calendar.

Once you click the blue plus icon, you will have access to the event details screen to add a title, dates and duration, task description, etc. When you are finished, click “Save” to complete.

App Tip: If you have a shadowing or volunteering event that is recurring, you can easily select to have the event repeat on the calendar. You can also create a new event and add it to a previously logged event.