The Goals tab is where you can set and keep track of the goals that allow you to become a competitive applicant.

App Tip: Having trouble setting or meeting your goals? Send a message to MyMentor and ask for advice. MyMentor is a group of medical students who are waiting to help students like you! They each have been in your shoes at some point and were successful in applying to medical school. They have many unique experiences and invaluable knowledge that they would love to share with you. Their main goal is to help.

To access Goals:

Make sure you are within the “Progress” tab and click on “Goals”.

How to edit your goals:

Within all the main sections you will see a blue pencil icon. Once you click on the icon, the goal editing screen will appear.

GPA Goal

Keep track of your GPA and the credits you have taken.

If you have already graduated, you can click “Graduated” and enter the corresponding details.


If you plan on taking the MCAT for the first time or plan on retaking the exam, enter your test date here.

After you have taken the MCAT and have received test scores, place the scores in their respective fields.

Shadowing + Volunteering Goals

Work & Activities Goals

Add all of your activities to this section. As they are completed, remember to check them off so your progress bar reflects towards your goal.

For each activity or experience you can and is recommended that you keep thorough notes. When you begin completing the AMCAS or AACOMAS application you will need to document:

  • A specific experience name
  • Contact name and title
  • Organization name
  • City, state, and country of the activity
  • Dates of the activity
  • Average hours per week (you can enter zero for Awards/Honors/Recognitions).

With this feature, you can be sure to keep track of all of the above info.

For your application you will also need to elaborate concerning three most meaningful experiences. Because of this, we have made it possible to easily rank your activities. Take time to reflect about what you may have learned and how these experiences have prepared you for a career in medicine.