Shadowing and Volunteering Sections

Add Experiences to Log

The log is a place where you can document the hours you have completed for a previous or recurring shadowing or volunteer experience.

For instance, let’s say you shadowed Dr. Johnson for 20 hours last year.  This is how we would log that experience: 

1. Date: Record the Start Date of the experience you are logging. (Due to the fact that many pre-meds have ongoing experiences, there is only the start date for which you need to document.)

2. Title: Next we’ll record who exactly we shadowed. In this case, we’ll put “Dr. Johnson”. (For volunteering, it would be the name of the volunteer experience). It may be helpful to include the specialty or field as well.

3. Duration: Record how many hours you have already shadowed Dr. Johnson.

4. Press Enter or select the “+” sign to add this experience to the log.


Schedule New Goal Events

Setting specific goals is one thing, but it is another to make a specific plan, put it into action, and track your progress. As a pre-med, you will be asked to document and share how many shadowing and volunteering hours you have dedicated to each experience. That is where this feature comes into play.

The scheduling feature allows you to accurately track goal progress and manage future shadowing and volunteering experiences. The process goes something like this…

You can schedule a future shadowing or volunteering experience in two places:

• Goals Tab of the Progress Page
• Calendar Page

Customize Event

• Add to a previously logged event -OR- write the title of new event
• Set Date and Start Time
• Set Duration – This will be in hours. If event duration is not a whole number of hours, you will need to put it in as a decimal. For example: 1 hour and 45 minutes = 1.75 hours
• Set repeat weekly if applicable.
• Add description of event. To prepare for the AMCAS or AACOMAS application process you may begin to articulate what you learned from these experiences and how they have prepared you for a career in medicine.
• Add event as experience in “Work & Activities” section.

Let’s say you will be volunteering for 2 hours every Monday at 2pm, starting February 4th in the Emergency Department where you have already volunteered. It will look something like this…

Confirm Past Goal Events

Now that you have scheduled an event and executed it, congrats! You might be wondering: Why the haven’t the hours added to my goal’s progress bar?

Since we were once in your shoes, we understand that sometimes you will have a big exam or another important event conflict with and take priority over a scheduled shadowing/volunteering experience. 
Therefore, to ensure that your goal progress stays accurate and up-to-date, we have you confirm the completion of each scheduled event. Additionally, this feature will help you realize what experiences you are neglecting and will encourage you to improve upon this in the future. Remember, reliability and dependability is crucial in medicine!

Confirming an event goes something like this:
1. Your scheduled event has passed and needless to say, you did it!
2. You go to the The Premed App and see a yellow dot over the notification (bell) icon in the top right of the screen.
3. You click the notification icon and this pops up:

4. You then click the empty yellow circle to confirm that you completed this event.
5. Finally, you will now see that the 2 hours from this event automatically added to your “completed hours” on your Goals page.

Now, you should be all ready to add experiences to the log, schedule new goal events, and confirm events so that they reflect toward your goal progress!