Top Schools

Top Schools is where you’ll gain access to necessary information for every MD and DO program in the US. You’ll also be able to build your school list and have the option to message medical students that currently go to certain medical schools. 

Access Top Schools

Within the “Progress” tab you’ll find “Top Schools”. 

Add/Delete Schools

When you click within the box that says, “Type or select the school name” a list of schools will appear. You can either scroll through the list and select schools or start typing your desired school and it will appear. 

In order to delete a school from your list, you’ll need to click on the school and go into the section that says, “School Info”. Within that section you’ll see a delete icon. 

View School Info

In order to see a school’s info, you’ll need to add the school to your list and click on the school within your list. The School Info  contains: 

  • Whether it’s MD or DO 
  • School Type (Public or Private)
  • Avg. GPA of accepted students
  • Avg. MCAT of accepted students
  • Total number of applicants
  • Class Size
  • The dual degrees that are offered 
  • The school’s website
  • The option to message a medical student that currently goes to that school 
  • The option to add notes about that school 

Message Medical Student

We have many medical students a part of our team that would love to help you navigate your premed journey. This includes being able to message them and ask them questions about their specific medical school. We have roughly 30 medical schools represented on our team. 

Medical School Map + List

At the bottom of Top Schools you’ll see two buttons. The purpose of the Medical School List is to search, filter, and sort the list to find the top medical schools that are right for you.  You’ll see basic data like total applicants, matriculants, plus be able to sort by average GPA and MCAT score.  All the data you see comes straight from each medical school’s website, is updated regularly, and is based off of the most recent year’s entering class.

The Medical School Map contains all of the same info but is in a map format instead of a list.