Tips to get the most out of The PreMed App.

Push notifications are a crucial part of The PreMed App. Enabling these notifications will ensure that you stay on track with your goals. You have the option to get push notifications for the following: 

  • When your mentor or our team messages you 
  • When you have a scheduled volunteering or shadowing event coming up 
  • To view Today’s Quote
  • To view the MCAT Question of the Day

Navigate to your “Settings” within the app in order to turn on your push notifications. 

While studying for the MCAT, it’s extremely important to keep track of the questions you get wrong and why you got them wrong. Easily take a screenshot of both the question and explanation and save them to your phone. Once a week go through the questions you got wrong from the previous week. 

Every day you will have access to a new MCAT question. This is for a reason! Completing practice questions are key for a successful MCAT score. By completing the MCAT question of the day you will stay sharp and ready for when you start dedicated MCAT prep close to your exam date. For more general MCAT info, check here.


In order for you to see the desired results of utilizing our Focus feature, is to make it a daily habit. The Pomodoro Technique (the science behind Focus) is new for many people and takes time to get used to. Getting into the habit of setting Focus Targets will make your studying and other tasks more efficient. 

It will take trial and error in order to find out what your optimal focus time is. The science says that around 25 minutes is your optimal focus timeframe. 

You will be matched with a med student mentor and no matter what stage of your pre-med journey, your mentor is equip to support you and answer all questions that you might have along your journey. Save time, energy, and sleepless nights by sending a quick message to your mentor within The PreMed App. If you’d like to be matched with your mentor, please fill out this intake form: .