Month by Month Waitlist Breakdown and Protocols

Medical School Waitlist Timeline
2022 and 2023 Medical School Waitlist Timeline and Protocols

Part 1: Introduction

Medical schools notify applicants of their status (accepted, waitlisted, or rejected) on a rolling basis from the time of interview until orientation. Some schools also have a “deferred decision” process whereby an application is put on hold while other candidates are reviewed. Applicants may send letters to the school admissions team throughout the admission cycle to update schools on new accomplishments or demonstrate interest. Schools will usually add these letters as an addendum to the student’s admissions file for the committee to review. Students are advised to use their best judgement and only send letters if they think it will significantly impact their candidacy.

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Part 2: 2023 Waitlist Timeline 

March 2023

MD Schools: Schools accept at least the number of applicants to fill their class.

April 2023

DO Schools: COMs report to AACOMAS the names of students that have paid a deposit and accepted a place in the incoming class.

April 2023

MD Schools: Accepted students must commit to one program and withdraw or decline acceptance offers from all other schools they have been accepted at. This is usually when there is more movement on the waitlist.

May 2023

DO Schools: AACOMAS reports back to COMs about students holding spots at multiple schools and schools may withdraw acceptances if students have committed to more than one school.

April 2023 until Orientation

MD and DO Schools: Schools take students off the waitlist on an as-needed basis up until orientation starts. 

Part 3: 2023 Medical School Waitlist Timeline and Protocols 

wdt_ID State Medical School # of Waitlist Spots # of Acceptance Offers Protocol
State Medical School # of Waitlist Spots # of Acceptance Offers Protocol

Unsure of what to do now that you’re on a waitlist?

  • Should you get ready to apply for next cycle?

  • Should you take a gap year?

  • Should you retake the MCAT?

  • What about a Masters or Post-Bacc program?

These are important questions to think about and we’d love to help you form a game plan. 

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