The PreMed App Messaging

The PreMed App Messaging feature is where you can communicate with our various Motivate MD Teams. These teams include: MyMentor, The Editors, Team Motivate MD, MCAT Scheduler, and Mock Interviewer. 

App Tip: Message “MyMentor” for any questions or advice regarding your premed journey.

Access your messages

Click the message icon in the top right corner of your browser. Your message inbox will then appear.

An orange dot will appear over the messaging icon when you have unread messages. You also have the option to get push notifications when you receive new messages. We highly recommend that you turn on your push notifications. Click here to learn more about push notifications. 

App Tip: Click here to go straight to your PreMed App Inbox.

Who to message and why

Team Motivate MD – for any questions or help regarding the app

MCAT Scheduler – when you sign up for an MCAT study schedule

Med School Interview – when you sign up for a mock interview and wish to relay your availability to schedule an interview

MyMentor – when you want to contact med student mentors for any questions or advice regarding all things pre-med or medicine

The Editors – when you sign up for essay reviews and have a personal statement, secondary essay, or CV ready for review

App Tip: if you are interested in any of the above services that we offer, message the corresponding team and we would be happy to help you!